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I’ve been a CMO in America for a long time. I thought I could always source and hire Marketing candidates in EMEA positions on my own. I couldn’t. Not until I met Julia Redfarn.

My hiring cycle was less than 2 months for a VP Marketing EMEA search. Talk about ROI!

You think you can hire without her help from the US, but not true! A fantastic professional process start to finish. She is the best in Europe. I have the facts. Thanks Julia! You saved me.

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Steve Williamson

General Manager | Sales, EMEA

Jules has an unparalleled ability to engage the right talent for us. She understands what “great” looks like in GTM hires and always delivers against my hiring criteria.

She drives a super professional process on both sides with a real sense of urgency. Jules hired a number of key EMEA Leadership roles during my 4 years at Acquia and we also engaged her at Apptio for an EMEA Account Management Leader (RVP) search – great candidate and customer experience and an A player hire.

When running our “in-house” recruiting at Acquia for 7 months she raised our EMEA brand awareness in the market, coached us on talent attraction, supported Acquia through period of hypergrowth and improved our internal hiring process. My EMEA Leadership team valued Jules’ support, accountability, energy and execution.

Same story when we brought her in at Apptio – she established processes for sales hiring, improved Apptio EMEA brand building, helped us to set up playbooks for interviewing, candidate experience and weekly reporting. Jules worked closely with my EMEA leadership team, building trust super-fast and making a big impact.

I highly recommend her to any US company looking to hire a high performing team in EMEA!

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I worked with Julia as a candidate as VP for Education and Community Success, and would happily work with her again, either as a candidate or a hiring manager.

She managed to be both warm and professional, gave me great insight into the hiring manager and the team culture based on her experience, and kept me informed and connected throughout the process.

Julia’s approach impressed me, and given my experience since I joined the organization, her insights were valuable and accurate. She did an excellent job representing the organization as their recruiter, and I believe an excellent job representing me to the hiring team. I highly recommend her!




Jules has been instrumental in the face of a massive hiring challenge we’ve been going through in EMEA. Since coming on board to help us we saw a dramatic increase in the pipeline of candidates in terms of both quantity and quality.

Her knowledge of Acquia, our space and most important the culture of our team has allowed her to effectively get the right candidates in front of us. Jules has taken a process that would have overwhelmed us and has brought a high level of organization, leadership and focus that has allowed us to accelerate our hiring.

In addition, and I can’t stress this enough, it’s the extras that Jules does to make the candidate’s experience so great that really makes a difference. Our new hires honestly feel that they are joining a proper world class organization!

Finally she’s worked with us to expand our social media presence on LinkedIn to help attract top talent. She’s coached us on interview techniques, tips on reference calls … to put it simply she makes the boat go faster! Thanks Jules




When setting up Box in EMEA we were in a hurry, we wanted to set up 3 offices and hire 100 people in the first year. It was critical to find strong managers and individual contributors who could get up and running and generating revenue quickly.

Julia and Karrin were great to work with, they understood and responded to the urgency. They placed our first 10 international A player hires in record time and achieved outstanding candidate conversion and acceptance rates, saving me and the leadership team valuable time. Julia and Karrin continued hiring across all functions and supported Box with ramping fast and meeting our revenue goals.

I highly recommend to high growth business requiring fast efficient hiring of great talent.

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Garrett Stanton


I am extremely grateful for meeting Julia in the first few weeks of my international assignment in London.

Unlike anyone else I have worked with in her field, Julia immediately demonstrated a full understanding of the values, team mission and people culture at Okta from the day one. This alignment and shared vision provided us with a strong platform & shared voice in attracting the ideal talent model for us to build the foundation of our international operations at Okta from the earliest days.

Julia is measured but daring – assertive, yet empathetic. With her support, I was able to quickly assemble a core diverse European team of ascendant sales executives who have since developed into the leadership ranks of Okta’s EMEA business – perhaps some of the best performers in the history of the company.

I trust Julia and admire her relentless focus on character, competency and stage specific growth operators. For US venture backed enterprise software firms: I wouldn’t think of building a European operation without her partnership.

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John Walls

VP Customer Success EMEA and APAC, Collibra

I worked with Julia as a candidate for a VP Customer Success role.

Julia was incredibly professional and personable throughout the process. She had an excellent understanding of the hiring companies business strategy, culture and what they were looking for. She also helped me and the hiring company work through some of my questions/concerns in a transparent and open way which ultimately led to me joining the company.

I would happily work with Julia again.

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Doug Landis

Growth Partner, Emergence Capital

Julia ran an impressive campaign to get a face to face meeting with me at Emergence Capital (we shared our Box network due to her helping to build out our early Box EMEA team). Julia knows how to prospect and if her prospecting is any indication of her ability to recruit for you, well then you’re in good hands. The first time Julia reached out to me she sent me a bottle of Champagne with a personalized card. She got the idea to send this ‘pricey package’ from an article I wrote. But guess what, I responded BUT then I went quiet. Her second attempt to get a meeting with me might go down as the best and most personalized prospecting approach I’ve ever experienced, which I’ve shared publicly.

In her 2nd attempt Julia dug into the weeds and did some SERIOUS research. Somehow she learned that I love English football (soccer) and Chelsea is my favorite team in the world and Frank Lampard is my favorite player. Julia sent me a signed biography of Frank. THIS. IS. PERSONALIZED!!! I had no idea how she found my Chelsea/Frank love but she did and I’m a fan of hers forever!!!

After that I had to take a meeting with her, and I might add she impressed me with her intellectual horsepower, her infectious energy and her approach to recruiting and all things talent in Europe. I highly recommend her to my network and for anyone looking to hire EMEA teams.

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